LS process connection

I want test about LS (jar file).

  1. run the LS
    “java -jar LS_file.jar -trace” on terminal shell
  2. connect at theia language extension with default LS port 5008

const socket = new net.Socket(); // socket port 5008
const serverConnection = createSocketConnection(socket, socket, () => {
this.forward(clientConnection, serverConnection);

but error message “connect ECONNREUSED”

I search for language server launcher, and languageServer.connect(launcher.getRemoteProxy()) is used.
Should i use it to resolve this problem?

How can i do for test run the LS jar file
and attach theia editor to jar process

Any your reply could help me.


@kay for additional information in case you weren’t aware, the @theia/languages extension has been deprecated for some time now (v1.4.0), and language features (including integrations with language-servers) are now contributed by vscode extensions.

“language extension” that i mean is just my language extension based monaco editor.
and i want to connect LS process