Make use of cdt-gdb-adapter along with cdt-gdb-vscode

We have installed “cdt-gdb-vscode” extension into Eclipse Theia in order to debug RiscV implementations, and for this to open a debug session and work properly we had installed “ms-vscode,cpptools” for “C/C++” tooling, and it was working fine, but as everybody knows the problem is that we can’t use it due to Microsoft license restrictions.

So as an alternative we came across CDT GDB Debug Adapter (cdt-gdb-adapter) from @sdirix on the TheiaCon presentations, which we think it might be the solution to enable our already installed “cdt-gdb-vscode” extension and replace the “ms-vscode,cpptools”, so we were wondering how to make use of it, and how to integrate it. We were watching and reading the documentation available and we are still a bit confused, as it is not in a shape of an extension that you can just install from VSIX straight away.

Thank you

@Santi thank you for the discussion and welcome to the community!

I believe you can use the following:

These are the plugins that the cdt-cloud application uses (among others) to provide a C/C++ development experience.


@vince-fugnitto is right! These are the recommended extensions. The cdt-gdb-vscode is only available in OpenVSX, not in the Microsoft marketplace which is why you might not have found it.

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