Marketplace extension support in theiaPlugins section


Any chance marketplace extension can be supported in the theiaPlugins section of a package.json?
If not, are there alternatives to automate marketplace plugin inclusion in a theia distribution?


[original thread by Julien Eluard]

Hi, what do you mean by the marketplace extension support?

[Julien Eluard]

Sorry, I meant the extension only available in VSCode marketplace. They can be manually added by using their id (e.g. vscode:extension/matklad.rust-analyzer) and the Deploy Plugin by Id.
Can this be automated somehow?

It won’t be possible since Theia 1.0: It is illegal.

We will run own marketplace though:

Currently working on filling by popular extensions and reaching out to VS Code extension developers.

Can this be automated somehow?

You can use the direct URI to the marketplace instead.

For Open VSX Registry on each extension page there will be a download link. For VS Code Marketplace there was a special format. I think you will need to google for it. But you should be aware that accessing VS Code Marketplace programmatically not from VS Code is illegal by their TOS.

[A. B. Carroll]

@anton-kosyakov Can you clarify what you mean by “it won’t be possible since Theia 1.0”?

I read the issue, I don’t fully understand. Maybe I’m missing something, but I am struggling to grasp the concept of Theia still, frankly.

So, VSCode extensions will be – what? No longer compatible? It will refuse to install them? Or, it would simply be against MS’s terms of service to do so?

[A. B. Carroll]

Sorry, … redact that. I had missed a large segment of the conversation regarding resolution of the marketplace extensions.

We don’t allow access to MS Marketplace anymore, but there is Extensions view from which you can install extensions from the Open VSX Reigstry. We are seeding the registry, so there are already many extensions. Also last week RedHat, MS Azure, VMWare, Pivotal, Elm are claimed namespaces in the registry and started publishing on own behalf. It would be helpful to spread the word to another VS Code extensions developers.

How a publisher can claim a namespace:

How we seed the registry: