Max file size limitation?

What is the maximum file size that can be opened using theia IDE? Tried opening a 400MB json file. But browser is stuck at the spinner.

[original thread by Soumya Tripathy]

@soumyat which spinner are you referring to?
Implementing the following issue will allow us to better handle opening large files: At the moment I believe errors will be reported when attempting to open a file that is too large.

@soumyat the limitation might be browser-dependent. The file’s content is wholy kept in the browser’s memory once loaded (i.e. no paging system or such). I remember testing a bit around this a couple of years ago, and IIRC in Chrome I started to see problems opening an individual file over ~80 MB. Admittedly I always have a million various browser tabs open, so that might have been a factor, already consuming a lot of RAM.

[Soumya Tripathy]

Thanks @vince-fugnitto and @marc-dumais for the update. I was thinking that server loads the content in memory and does all the processing.