May 7th Dev meeting

Hi all,

I have a schedule conflict for the usual time-slot of our dev-meeting, next Tuesday, and so will not be able to attend. The meeting could happen without me, or we can re-schedule it on another day or time. I guess we could also cancel this instance and continue the following week. WDYT?



[original thread by Marc Dumais]

I don’t think there is something important this week from TypeFox side. It would be fine to move to next week.

actually @marc-dumais i want to release new versions of vscode builtin extensions to support Node 10, do we need CQs again?

I’m fine with skipping, too.

@anton-kosyakov will you at the same time update the vscode repo commit, we are based-on? We were based on v1.30.1 previously.

I updated it last month when we moved to Node.js 10 to fix the build

only publishing left

We have not addressed the LGPL dependency included in the vscode git extension, so I think it will not help to register a new CQ at this time. We’ll wait for Red Hat feedback about how they want to proceed or until we need to use these extensions ourselves.