Minified React error

when I open About, I get this err, I do not fix it?

2022-10-13T07:42:00.408Z root ERROR Error: Minified React error #409; visit for the full message or use the non-minified dev environment for full errors and additional helpful warnings.
    at Ql.render.Yl.render (
    at p.onUpdateRequest (
    at e.processMessage (
    at h (
    at t (
    at p (
e.log @ logger-protocol.ts:113
(anonymous) @ logger-frontend-module.ts:42
(anonymous) @ logger.ts:312
(anonymous) @ logger.ts:304
Promise.then (async)
log @ logger.ts:299
i @ logger.ts:45
a @ index.js:383
h @ index.js:439
t @ index.js:172
p @ index.js:486
requestAnimationFrame (async)
(anonymous) @ index.js:455
e.postMessage @ index.js:202
e.update @ widget.js:354
set @ menu.js:234
t.onCloseRequest @ menu.js:534
e.processMessage @ widget.js:544
h @ index.js:436
t @ index.js:172
e.close @ widget.js:381
t.triggerActiveItem @ menu.js:307
t._evtMouseUp @ menu.js:647
t.handleEvent @ menu.js:457
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@wenqi thank you for the discussion, do you mind providing additional information so we can help:

  • What version of Theia are you using?
  • I believe you are referring to the the About dialog, are you using the default one provided by the framework or a custom one you implemented?