Move from Spectrum to another community platform?

Let’s consider moving to another platform? UX of Spectrum is terrible right now. I like though following features which would be good to preserve: no-login to read message, GitHub login to write, should be indexed and searchable by Google. There are only 2 which support it: Gitter or Discourse. Gitter is not good since it does not support topics (channels) and we moved away from it in the past. Discourse seems to support everything and was built by Jeff Atwood (also stackoverlow), so good UX should be there.

cc @svenefftinge @marc-dumais

[original thread by Anton Kosyakov]

+1 for moving away, but let’s not make it a knee-jerk change. It’s not an emergency.

Yes, I agree. It didn’t get any better in the past months but worse.

I would nominate

@tsmaeder could you please share some community running on it, i just want to check whether i can find messages from it on google. To me it is important that if someons googles how to hide menu items he finds a link to the community and can read it without login.

@tsmaeder Looks nice from their web site slide-show. However the free version is a bit limited:

For already participating on a Discourse forum, I really prefer it over Spectrum. Although I don’t know if there’s a “general chat” feature, as everything would be threaded?

Theia is open source and then we can have standard version: (bottom FAQ)

Yes! Zulip Cloud Standard is free for open source projects and affiliated institutions. We also offer steep discounts to non-profits, educational institutions, groups of friends, and in scenarios where most of the users are not paid employees (e.g. company support forums). Just contact and we’d be happy to discuss your situation!

Is there any news on moving (or trying ‘internally’) to another community platform ? I forgot to ask at Theia dev meeting on Tuesday ?

@marc-dumais Would you setup zulip for testing?

@anton-kosyakov Ok - I sent them an email

I have created our Zulip organisation, we only need to wait for support to update it for us to the “Zulip Standard” version.

Here’s an invite link:

I did not see a way to link this to a GH org, so there may be a manual step to give committers more permissions on the board

I guess the invite link above should be a good start, making you “members”

(I am not sure but I hope that such an invite link can work for more than one user - let me know if you try and are denied)

It worked for me. Thanks!

[Rob Moran]

As discussed in the dev meeting, would slack be a good alternative?

Sorry, I missed this week’s dev meeting. Did you talk about zulip? Any reasons not to like it?