Naming of contributed menu item and contextual command

“contributes”: {

"menus": {

  "explorer/context": [


      "command": "hosted-plugin:start",

      "group": "navigation"





I would like to add a menu item to the file explorer context menu with the hosted-plugin:start command.

  1. Can i give a label to the menu item other than the command’s label? something like adding to the “explorer/context” { “label”: “Run plugin”}

  2. If i have many plugin in my workspace and i want that right click on any plugin -> hosted-plugin:start will start the instance of the specific right clicked plugin? (contextual start instance) is it possible/going to be possible?


[original thread by DoroNahari]

hello @dna AFAIK for 1. it’s not possible

for 2. by using Hosted plugin: select path you’re able to change theplug-in you want to test/debug/run (there is no contextual mode right now)


Thanks for your answer @florentbenoit . Do you know if both of them are available on vscode? should i open an issue on theia github for one or both?