Need a Theia / TypeScript developer for hire

We are looking for a Theia / TypeScript that we can pay to help us finish our Open Source Theia extension - Anyone available?

[original thread by Adam Retter]

TypeFox provides Theia support and consulting:

[Adam Retter]

@anton-kosyakov thanks. By the look of their website, I think they will be outside of our price range, but I sent them a message to find out

[Adam Retter]

So I contacted TypeFox 7 days ago, and apart from an automated “We received your messange and will respond shortly”, I have not gotten any response from them. Perhaps they are no longer in business?

cc @svenefftinge

I’m from TypeFox, we are pretty much in Theia business :smiley: I’ve pinged internally.

Hey Adam, I didn’t see a message from you, sorry.

Did you use the form on ? I just tried and it sent a message. Not sure what went wrong. You can send a mail to (or as well.

[Adam Retter]

@svenefftinge Hi yes, I used the form on your website, I also received an automated reply by email from it… very strange it did not send you the message

[Adam Retter]

@svenefftinge So I need someone to help us finish up an Open Source Theia Extension, we don’t have much funding for it though. So it may be that you guys are out of our price-range, I am not sure what you would charge. Our extension is here -

Indeed, it’s the first time this happened. But I will definitely track it down.

[Adam Retter]

@svenefftinge so do you think this is something you would be able to assist with?

[Adam Retter]

@svenefftinge @anton-kosyakov email and Spectrum chat seem to be failing for us :-/ Is there another better means of communication?

sorry, about that. Did you send me a mail? I listed the e-mail address above. :arrow_up:

[Adam Retter]

@svenefftinge ah no sorry I didn’t as that hadn’t worked before… would you prefer I email you now?

Yes, we can then coordinate a hangout. :slight_smile: