New page object models or extensions


Any contribution or extensions for page object models ? I would love if someone share it here with the community.
I need a page object for tabs bar (active tab, number of tabs open etc…) i think it is very useful.
Thank you

@seddik-st thank you for the discussion, have you seen theia playwright?

Hi yes, this is actually good however i think we need more page objects and extensions

Of course the more the better, the community is free to provide contributions on improving and adding additional page objects. You can most certainly inspire yourself if you want from existing page objects to implement a tabbars model if needed. The contribution is fairly new so I suspect there won’t be too many new objects which exist outside of the framework yet.

@planger FYI

Hi @seddik-st,

Thank you for your suggestions! It’d certainly be great to further enhance the capabilities of the page object library.

I’m not aware of someone working on support for querying active tabs right now, but it should be fairly easy to add. Are you interested in contributing to the page object library? I’m happy to help in case you are stuck.

Also, please feel free to share a more detailed list of capabilities that you’d like to see in the page object library. This way other users of the library could chime in and identify common requirements.