New Theia-based product: VUEngine Studio

Hello Theians,

I’d like to show to you a new Theia-based product that has recently been released by my mate Jorge and myself. It’s quite the obscure one!

VUEngine Studio is an IDE for Nintendo Virtual Boy homebrew game development. It is built around our very own, object-oriented Virtual Boy game engine called VUEngine (pronounced like “View Engine”) and comes with a whole bunch of custom widgets like a panel to see build output, a plugins browser, a widget to flash the resulting ROM file to flash carts, a fully embedded emulator etc.

It comes with several game templates to start from, like a Platformer Demo and, of course, a handy dialog to create new projects from these.

The long-term goal for VUEngine Studio is to create something akin to GB Studio, allowing anyone to create Virtual Boy homebrew comfortably through graphical editors without the need to touch any code, but while still allowing experienced programmers to work directly with sources.

Website is here and sources can be found here.



Hi @cradke,

thanks for sharing this, it looks fantastic :smiley:

Your use case is certainly very unique, are you interested in contributing your IDE to the “Selected Tools based on Theia” section on our website? You can take this PR as a template, if you want.

Thank you, @msujew! It would be an honor to appear on the Theia website. I’ll look into creating a PR. :slight_smile:

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Your project looks amazing!

Now I wish there was a SteamVR emulator for Virtual Boy :slight_smile:


That would be awesome, indeed! Right now, there’s only “VirtualBoyGo” for Oculus Quest.

I created a ticket for adding support for VR output via WebXR to VUEngine Studio’s built-in emulator. Might look into it. I hope the latest Theia version uses an Electron version that already supports it. :slight_smile:

Created that pull request, BTW: