Node debug built-in plugins

As i see Theia uses outdated node-debug vscode built-in extensions:

  • vscode-builtin-node-debug:1.35.3 but latest is 1.44.5
  • vscode-builtin-node-debug2:1.33.0 but latest is 1.42.3

Is there some reason why they couldn’t be updated?

We should try to migrate and test them.

Just a note that these two extensions are not really built-ins- they are not built and published as part of our “vscode-builtin-extensions” repo. (the way they are labelled in the main repo’s package.json is misleading).

I think node-debug2 is released on GitHub, in the official repo. But node-debug is not published except on the Marketplace. So we’ve forked it under theia-ide org and have built it manually and released on the fork’s releases. I guess we would need to do that again.

@svor I believe you did some testing for the current version. Could you share the results?

I tested latest released version of vscode-node-debug v1.44.5 with che-theia and got an error:
Cannot connect to runtime process (reason: This socket has been ended by the other party) when tried to run the debugger.

vscode-node-debug-v1.44.1 works without problems

About vscode-node-debug2 I tried v1.42.3 and looks like everything is OK