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Would someone mind confirming where the latest @next version for Theia comes from? I’ve picked up the latest one (4 hours old) and it’s missing changes from before yesterday’s 0.3.19 release. I assumed it was published from master.

[original thread by Rob Moran]

It is the master build, yes.


There are/were issues with publishing next. Sometimes not all packages were published.

[Rob Moran]

I’m seeing issues with the debug package

Rob: confirmed. @theia/debug does not have a published “next” corresponding to the latest commit on master (SHA: 831ad92788e33da67f67a58926ca848d426d3667)

$ npm info @theia/core | grep “next”
next: 0.4.0-next.831ad927

[Rob Moran]

Looks like a false alarm, something funky going on with my local yarn/lock

[Rob Moran]


[Rob Moran]

odd :slight_smile:

I see it now… Maybe someone published it manually or restarted the CI for the latest commit?

[Rob Moran]

Yeah, I see it too. all good :slight_smile:

we have also seen in some cases that it takes some time for some packages to appear on npm