One user changing theme also changes for all other users' theme

We have Theia installed as a service in the cloud, and many users are connecting to it through their browser. We have noticed that when user A changes the theme to Dark, all other users get their theme changed to Dark as well. We found that the current theme is recorded in the local storage, and this key changes as well when another user, on another computer changes the theme. So I suppose the preferences are pushed back to the UI via the websocket.

Is there a reason why it was implemented that way?
Is there a way I could disable this behaviour, as it is not always desirable for user A’s preferences to transfer to all other users.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

@drochgenius thank you for the discussion, the framework however does not support multi-tenancy, each user will need to have their own backend else they might encounter issues like you’ve mentioned: Is Theia multi-tenant in any way?.