onLanguage not fired when editor is already open?

Hello. In Theia 0.11.0 I see that VS Code extension plugins are now activated based on events. Does anyone else see this behavior, though:

  • I have a VS Code extension as a plugin that is activated with onLanguage.

  • This works great when I open the Theia browser for the first time: open my first language file and the extension activates

  • However, if I leave two editors open in edit mode and reload the browser the two editors come back up, but the language extension is now never activated. Not even after closing and opening the editors. I have to close all editors, reload the browser to get it back working.

Is that a known issue? Is there a quick workaround/Theia api to make Theia activate the plugin eagerly again? I do not want to change the VS Code extension as generally the onLanguage activivation is what I want.

Thanks for any tips and best regards,

[original thread by Peter Haumer]

@phaumer we have a regression with new Monaco but it was fixed already in next. Could you check please?

[Peter Haumer]

Oh great. Yes, I was working in the tagged version 0.11.0. Do you have a PR number handy for that one? Will try it now against the full branch.

[Peter Haumer]

Just tried against master and it works there now again. Thanks a lot. Will change our activiation until Theia 12 comes out.