Open Multiple folders as root folders in file view

Hi all,
I would like to open multiple folders in File Navigator view.

For example here are the folders:

You should create a workspace file and open it. See a command Add a folder to a workspace.

My implementation is based on theia v0.8.0., sorry !
It looks like the implementation is not available in that version ?

Yes, I think so. Sorry I am not sure how you can achieve it without multi-root workspaces support. 0.8.0 sounds very old

Thank you very much !
I tried calling WorkspaceService.addRoot(folderUri), it seems to work.
Also, I tried opening multi-root workspace using a workspace file too. It works well !

When I open a multi-root workspace, I would like certain root nodes to show some custom text instead of folder name.

i.e., when I open a multi-root workspace now, it shows up like the tree below (the names are the actual folder names):

+ WorkspaceRootFolderName1
+ WorkspaceRootFolderName2
+ WorkspaceRootFolderName3

But, I would like to show like given below:

+ WorkspaceRootFolderName1
+ CustomNameForRootFolder2
+ CustomNameForRootFolder3

The workspace file I created had the following content:

  "folders": [
      "path": "file:///home/projects/WorkspaceRootFolderName1"
      "path": "file:///home/projects/WorkspaceRootFolderName2",
      "name": "CustomNameForRootFolder2"
      "path": "file:///home/projects/WorkspaceRootFolderName3",
      "name": "CustomNameForRootFolder3"
  "settings": {}

… as I saw the following in @theia/workspace/src/browser/workspace-service.ts:

export interface WorkspaceData {
    folders: Array<{ path: string, name?: string }>;
    // tslint:disable-next-line:no-any
    settings?: { [id: string]: any };

It is not implemented yet:

thank you, @akosyakov

If I open a workspace using the workspace file as shown above, the workspace opens properly, but the workspace file’s name is shown in the file navigator view as the root node. How can I hide/avoid that ?