Open Theia 1.5 in chromium embedded framework

Hi all, we have been testing theia in an UE4 application using the builtin CEF integration and didn’t run into any issues (apart from file drag and drop inside the file explorer) with older theia versions. But with theia 1.5 we can’t load the theia application at all. The build doesn’t throw any errors and everything works fine inside firefox and chrome. Inside UE4/CEF it does load the basic html file with the theia-preload div, but nothing else, the screen stays black. We tested multiple versions of node.js, nothing changed.

Do you support or test on CEF? Or do you have any hint on what might be the problem?

I’m not sure if this is related, but UE4’s CEF browser can’t load gitpod either, it stays in the loading screen.

@aBarz thank you for the discussion, do you mind sharing the @theia extensions you are using as part of your package.json? (I suspect that you may be using deprecated extensions as part of your application).

Do use support or test on CEF?

We do not as far as I know.

Thanks for pointing that out, we did add some extensions. It seems like vsx-registry caused the problem. After removing that extension everything worked fine. But i didn’t see any warnings about vsx-registry being deprecated.

@aBarz vsx-registry is not deprecated as you mentioned. It is possible that you had a mismatch of @theia/ extension versions? Even when stuck at the loading screen, the browser console should display errors, in the case where there is a mismatch of extension versions this will result in an inversify multiple decorator issue.