Override Theia default settings

In our application we are trying to override the default value of a preference without causing the system to save a config file.

Specifically we want the ‘workspace.preserveWindow’ to default to true in the WorkspacePreferences. Short of overriding contributions wherever this preference is used, we were hoping for a quick way to do this. It seems rebinding the WorkspacePreferences doesn’t honour the new defaults :(. Any thoughts or other areas defaults can be read from?

[original thread by Rob Moran]

[Rob Moran]

Perhaps a way forward would be to introduce supporting loading defaults from the app package.json?

AFAIK, support has recently been introduce to load default configuration from plugin package.json

Is that what you’re looking for or are you looking to override defaults that are already provided somewhere?

[Rob Moran]

I’m looking to override defaults provided by packages at an application level

[Rob Moran]

Perhaps I can ‘copy’ the way this was implemented on a package level and allow the same at an application level

[Rob Moran]

do you have a link to this addition?

Sorry, but not handy…some recent commit by Anton

[Rob Moran]

[Rob Moran]

I don’t think this is quite the same

[Peter Haumer]

Not sure it is the best way, but we accomplished language specific default settings by subclassing the MonacoEditorProvider and overriding createMonacoEditorOptions().