Palette entry and drag/drop feature


I would like to add a palette in the IDE left pane and be able to drag and drop from this palette.

Kindly, let me know how to implement this using eclipse theia and is there any example available on this.


@hihijain thank you for the discussion, can you clarify what you mean by palette or perhaps describe your use-case further? I assume you want to create a view which can accept drag-and-drop events. We have the navigator/explorer which accepts such events and can be used as a reference.

@vince-fugnitto , Thank you for your reply.

Please see the attached image - image

I want to create a palette like this and user should able to drag and drop the palette entry into view. My use case also involve - creation of multiple views/perspective and editors.

Please suggest on this.


@hihijain thanks for responding, it is a pretty advanced use-case that unfortunately not a lot of people in the community will have knowledge about, or have the bandwidth to help. You may however see if the following example or even extension can prove useful for your use-case: