People removed from eclipse-theia GH org


Recently, several people have received the mail from GH that they were removed from eclipse-theia GH org.
Does anybody know the reason?

cc/ @anton-kosyakov

[original thread by Artem Zatsarynnyi]

I suspect that now that the project is an eclipse project, only Eclipse Theia committers have been kept (not the previous people added by the hand on previous theia-ide org)

I see. Should be fixed by committer election.
Thanks Florent!

I can’t figure out the following situation.
We have one team member who was elected as Committer on Eclipse Theia

he is shown in Eclipse Theia committers here
also has the rights to vote for the new committers, e.g.
but he has been removed from the eclipse-theia GH org

I also noticed that not all Eclipse Theia commiters actually in eclipse-theia GH org. Maybe some glitch in their sync scripts.

There is internal chat for eclipse commiters team on GitHub, let’s create a topic there and ping eclipsewebmaster. Maybe also chrisguindon and waynebeaton. I can imagine that webmaster account is loaded with support requests.

Regarding who are not eclipse committers. It would be allowed to manage collaborators and github teams via PM Eclipse UI. So any committer will be able to invite GitHub user as a collaborator to Eclipse Theia project and then assign to the triage team for example. Not sure when it is going to be released. First they have to make sync script robust )

Thank you Anton for your reply!
I’ve posted topic on GH chat

True - I think some committers never accepted the invite to join the eclipse-theia org, after the repo move. The email may have been lost in the spam folder or ignored. Then there have been some synchronization glitches as well.

Yes, for sure. So for people that had write access on the repo before the move without being committers, it’s expected they would no longer have write access now.

@jbicker after investigation mentioned something that had skipped my mind: for GH project membership to work for Eclipse project committers, it’s necessary to configure your GH username on your Eclipse profile. To do so, log-on on, then “edit my account”. It’s under the “Social Media Links” section.

I can confirm that it works again after one adds the GH username to the Eclipse profile. I’ve got invitation mails after that and I am part of the theia world again.


My problem was fixed as well.
Thanks for your help!