Pre-staged workspace

We are looking to use theia for a financial algorithmic coding challenge site, similar to Quant connect that seems to use remote vscode server. We’d like to do something similar, have Theia run in a iframe with the users set of code and allow them to debug.

I’d like to remove workspace functionality, i,e. creating new workspaces. I have a pretty descent handle on that by making frontend customizations on removing those features.

The users ‘workspace’ set of working files would already be staged and the Theia server running in a docker instance for each user. How can we set it up so that Theia has already opened the users workspace that has been assigned? Haven’t found a good example on how to accomplish that.

Just to reiterate, I want to limit the users ability to create new workspaces and have Theia startup with the user’s pre-existing workspace.