Preselect locale for Theja-based IDE?

Hi there.

I ended up here since I am wondering about Arduino IDE, which claims to be based on Theja.
After I managed to install Arduino-IDE via script, I now want to define the locale that the application will start up with.

Unfortunately the only file with locale information I can find is arduino-cli.yaml, and any change there seems to have no impact on the next startup of Arduino-IDE. So my question is:

How does Theja find out the locale to be used? Are there command line parameters? Environment variables? Configuration files?

@HiranChaudhuri thank you for the discussion, the defaultLocale can be configured in the application’s package.json as highlighted in Theia - Cloud and Desktop IDE Platform.

Thank you for that hint. I had seen this feature - yet in the Arduino-IDE (appimage) build that file is not accessible.

In the meantime I was able to drill down the information must be stored in ~/.config/arduino-ide/Local Storage/leveldb. Using a small python script I was able to read - and just now even set the information.
This is likely Arduino specific.

@HiranChaudhuri I don’t believe it’s easily possible to change the default language after building the application, since the configuration gets embedded into the generated code (which is then bundled+minified). You might get away with a search+replace, but there’s no built-in way to accomplish this.