Production build for electron app

Hi All,

We are generating an electron app for our Theia based application and although we’re using the “theia build” command, it seems that in the generated electron app I can toggle the developer tools, have access to the typescript source code and add breakpoints even.

I checked and the same seems to be the case for Theia Blueprint as well.

Like the browser app, is there any way to ship minified code to the client with the source maps removed?

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@vatsal.uppal thank you for the discussion, I believe you can customize your webpack.config.js to exclude source-maps as needed, including other loaders if necessary.

As for the Toggle Developer Tools it is not controlled by the flag (and is also present in VS Code). In order to remove it you can un-register the command, menu and keybinding as necessary:

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Hi @vince-fugnitto,

Thanks for your reply! I was able to remove the source maps from the electron app by modifying the webpack.config.js as you suggested.

Turns out you only need to remove the following key:

devtool: ‘source-map’

Thanks for your help again!

Vatsal Uppal