Recommended approach for file explorer backed by REST source repository?

Hi, in our project our source code is served by a Code Query REST Service, not a ‘true’ file system. What’s the recommended approach to have a file explorer in Theia be backed by such a service? I’m looking for a prod in the right direction.
Can the existing file system extension be configured to any backend i.e. do I rebind a particular file-system interface in the container in my extension?
Or is this pretty much a brand new extension starting from a fork of the file-system extension?

[original thread by Max Hillaert]

You can implement FileSystem on backend and rebind FileSystem to use it. You will need a new extension for it.

Do you want to use default file system and navigator as well? Or do you want to completely replace it?

[Max Hillaert]

I want to keep as much of it as possible. I can pretty much implement anything on the remote code query service. I own it. So I think reimplementing Filesystem on backend in my extension should do it. I’ll give it a go soon. Maybe provide an example. This could be useful for others.