Redux support (for state management) in Theia...?

[original thread by Vignesh M]

Theia widget is based only on HTMLElement, i.e. BaseWidget.node. You can integrate whatever you want framework with it. Core team is using the vanilla React, there is ReactWidget extending BaseWidget.

[Vignesh M]

In react-redux, we usually bind the base element to the redux-store using a Provider ( ). But in Theia we are able to write only pluggable components and the base is Theia’s core. Is there a way to bind the redux to the application’s base via Theia ?

I would imagine that you will have a base widget which injects your storage and wrap a result of render function into the provider. In this case the same storage will be shared between all widgets and injected into react components.

In theia repo we use plain js services, which have some state and events to notify when state is changed. Widgets are listening to it and update themself to align with the state, to mutate the state the call methods on services.