Removing vscode.previewHtml command?

It was removed from VS Code:

For some reasons previewHtml is implemented with a webview. I’m trying to complete webview support in Theia, but it affects this command, i.e. we have to hook it in the shell as well, give it an id, some internal webview type. I wonder since VS Code does not support such command anymore and VS Code extensions don’t rely on it. Can we remove this command instead? cc @florentbenoit

[original thread by Anton Kosyakov]

PR introduced it: Unfortunately I cannot find Vatalii Parfonov on Spectrum. @abazko, @yevhen, @artem-z could you check with him whether this command is required for theia plugins?

Release notice from VS Code:

It was to handle fabric8 analytics but it has been moved to webview now:

it seems lot of extensions are using it but looks like they’re obsolete extensions as well now. I’m fine to drop the support