Restore opened Custom Editors on refresh/new session

I have a custom editor implemented in vscode extension, and the issue is that files opened using this custom editor are not restored when refreshing the browser tab, unlike the regular code editors. We need only to restore opened files and no need for now to restore a complex state of the editor’s content.

I checked the localStorage inside the browser devtools, and there is an entry with all the widgets state including the opened text editors under the mainPanel.main property but my custom editor is not there!

Is this something that we need to implement differently? or it is not supported yet in Theia?


@safi thank you for the discussion :+1: I confirmed that the issue exists, it seems that custom-editors are not stored as part of the layout (although we attempt to) so I filed the following issue:

At the moment if a custom-editor is opened and the application is reloaded the editor will not be preserved on restart.