Robot language Test UI Explorer

I want to use Robot Framework Language Server in my app, this plugin is ok in vscode,

but when I install in theia I can not get the test ui explorer to display the test tree, who knows what happen, I already install the test adapter


@wss The Robot Language Server Extension is using the new vscode.tests API (not to be confused with the Test Explorer UI Extension that was deprecated more than a year ago). See also the issue tracking this API implementation.

Is there any method can show test case in theia like vscode? I want to use that tree to execute my testcase. if it can not show in Test Explorer UI now, or any other extension avaiable for same function.

@wss I don’t see a way around implementing the vscode.tests API in Theia. There is obviously no other extension for this, given that the functionality is provided by vscode itself. We have a work in progress PR for the feature, but it’s currently on hold.

Contributions in that direction are always appreciated. The Test API is the only unsupported API part left in Theia.