Running theia build in hello-world-extension project browser-app folder breaks

Execute the steps in the tutorial

  1. yo theia-extension hello-world-extension
  2. let it finish , which will run “yarn prepare” script from root of the workspace
  3. cd browser-app
  4. yarn start
  5. Check for Hello Menu item in localhost:3000 and its there
  6. Stop the server CTRL-C
  7. still in browser-app, do “yarn prepare”
  8. then do “yarn start”
  9. Go to localhost:3000 and there is no sign of Hello menu item. No errors.

You have to go to the root, run “yarn prepare” from there , and then go back to browser-app to start the server for it to work.

Any attempt to setup up a workflow with watch, just doesn’t work as it breaks the link between extension and browser-app.

What is going on here? Am I using wrong versions of things? Is this known issue?

Windows 7
yarn 1.15.2
lerna 2.4.0
theia latest as of today

[original thread by Max Hillaert]

@max-hillaert if you’d like to get a yarn watch workflow working then what I usually do is the following:

  1. perform yarn on the root of the repository.

  2. cd browser-app and perform yarn start.

  3. to watch the extension, cd into your extension, and perform yarn watch in a different shell.

  4. finally to watch the browser-app for your changes in your extension folder, cd into the browser app and perform yarn watch in a different shell.

In the end this means you have your application running, your extension is listening to changes, and so is the browser-app.

[Max Hillaert]

Thanks Vince, Ill give it a go

@vince-fugnitto Could you answer with that on the issue as well?