Same settings configuration looks different in vscode and theia

This is my extension configuration defined in package.json:
“ApplicationWizard.autoUpdate”: {

                "type": "boolean",

                "default": true,

                "description": "Automatic update."


In vscode i get “Application Wizard” as entry in settings tree and title and “Auto Update” as setting property, but in theia i get “Auto Update” as entry in settings tree and just “Update” as title.

Is it a known issue ?

@slavik-lvovsky thank you for the issue, I tried using the following as a preference configuration and did notice some inconsistencies between the two implementations:

"configuration": {
	"title": "ApplicationWizard",
	"properties": {
		"applicationWizard.autoUpdate": {
			"type": "boolean",
			"default": "true",
			"description": "control automatic updates."

It might be related to but overall I think it can be improved.