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I read the preview of markdown. But he just renders the interface. If I want to edit it, I can control it. But if I want to save it, what should I do

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You should use the editor to edit, you can open editor and preview side by side and changes/scrolling will be kept in sync for you.

From preview double click on text which you want to edit I think it should open the editor.


Thank you very much for your answer, but I really don’t know much about it. There are few documents to read. I want to know how to open the editor. Can the editor and custom rendering appear at the same time

please study

it shows how to provide custom editor for json file next to a code editor


Thank you very much for your answer. I’ve seen this example. But he just opened a codeeditor synchronously. Modify the module synchronously. No saving or real saving is in codeeditor. If I don’t want to use codeeditor to implement the function of saving, what should I do

sorry, i don’t understand, maybe you can share some mock up instead of words :slight_smile:



I want to realize the function of saving here. Instead of file saving in codeEditor.I want to save change when I Press down ‘ctrl+s’.But jsonform editor doesn’t seem to do this. Its file saving is realized through codeEditor


I want to monitor ‘Ctrl + s’ here. What should I do when I press’ Ctrl + s’ that run a function.

You widget should implement SaveableSource by using