Sharing files between two extensions?

I have created custom extensions based on theia.
I am able to use theia packages such as @theia/core, @theia/filesystem etc in my custom extensions.
But i could not use files from one custom extension in another custom extension as like i am using theia packages. What i am missing?

[original thread by asvinwin123]

Can you share your code?

What do you mean by using? IDE does not auto propose it? or even if you write imports manually it does not work


i could not import files from one extension to another extension…

Did you compile them?

Could you share your imports at least?

But i could not use files

@asvinwin123, did you mean file: path/to/your/private/extension dependency in the package.json?


@kittaakos I have added the extension as a dependency in another extension package.json. However it did not work. For ex… I have extensions A and B. In B package.json i have mentioned A as dependency. But still i could not import A files in B and use them.

please share an example or share an error at least whcih you get