Shifted location for source line breakpoint

I am integrating our debugger breakpoint support using Theia. When handling the SetBreakpoints request, the SetBreakpointsResponse contains the verified breakpoints with the line number where the breakpoints were set. The result for some of the breakpoints might not have the same line number as the incoming SetBreakpointtsRequest due to the breakpoint has been shifted, such as the breakpoint was set at a commented line and it was automatically shifted and set on the next valid line.

From the debugPrototcol.d.ts documentation, SetBreakpoinsResponse contains information for each breakpoint, includes the actual code location and whether the breakpoint could be verified.

However, I don’t see the breakpoint shifted in the editor or in the breakpoints view. What is the proper way to handle a breakpoint is set in the backend that are shifted?

Thank you,