Should we convert existing extensions to plugins?

I am exploring theia after a some time, hence please bear with me if I am asking something which was discussed already.

I can see now there’a new concept called plugins in contrast to extensions. I already have an extension created for theia sometime ago.

First thing comes to my mind is wheather I should convert it to a plugin?

Or is it choice that we have to make given the pros of plugins (for example: ability to add at runtime, simple api - feels like vscode - no need to understand inversify etc.). and both will be supported alike in future.

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If you are building the product, want to white-label your product, customize internals then you shuold go with extensions. If you want to build functionality which can be installed by different Theia-based products then you are better to go with plugins. I would start with plugins and if it is limited look at extensions.

You should be aware though that plugin system is not complete yet and pull in unfinished UI. It should be improved before we release Theia 1.0

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Thanks for explanation. Seems like it’s a plugin that we want to build, we will follow that approach, cheers!

btw do you have VS Code extensions?

[Kavith Thiranga Lokuhewage]

yes, we already have a VSCode extension

It should be possible just run them with Theia.

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[Kavith Thiranga Lokuhewage]

any documentation on that please? that would be awesome.

please try, and file issus for any missing APIs

create a folder, put your vsix files into it

and then export THEIA_DEFAULT_PLUGINS=local-dir:///myplugins_folder

and start Theia

with plugin-ext and plugin-ext-vscode extensions installed

Theia should pick you vsix files, please file issues if it does not work!

is it clear?

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sure, will try this out and file issues for any errors!

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thanks for the info, I will get back with the results

ideally, it would be cool if theia and vscode namespace could be used interchengeably, so you can even run theia plugins in VS Code from the same souce