Some keybindings are not working

some key bindings like ctrl+a,ctrl+c are not working for custom commands we registering

note: It is working when we use the same id in common commands

@Panneerselvam-D thank you for the discussion, you’ll likely need to ensure that such commands have different when contexts (contexts in which to apply your keybinding versus others).

@vince-fugnitto I’ve use when and context still it’s not working

@Panneerselvam-D it is difficult to identify what might be going wrong without looking at the code, if you can share it’d be helpful (ex: snippet or public github repository).


//id is diffrent from common command
//added when and context in all the places where we registring in diffrent components
            id: VTT_SELECT_ALL,
            label: 'Select All',
            category: TABLE_CATEGORY,
            keybinding: 'ctrlcmd+a',
            context: VTTextInputFocusContextID,
            when: VTTextInputFocusContextID
// context
editableElements = [
        'TEXTAREA', 'INPUT'

    readonly id: string = VTTextInputFocusContextID;

    isEnabled(): boolean {
        return !this.editableElements.includes(document?.activeElement?.tagName);

@Panneerselvam-D where does the registerExtendedAction API come from? I have never seen it before and cannot find any reference to it.

it is in our layer it pushes the values to command registry and key binding registry of theia

@Panneerselvam-D do you notice any error logs in the frontend or backend console, please also debug the code to see what is happening and why it might happen. Unfortunately it is difficult for anyone in the community to help with the snippet provided and I would suggest debugging further.

Sure I’ll look on it. Thank you @vince-fugnitto