Source control view

I have the following version of Theia installed on windows 10, with Python v2020.10.332292344 add-on from MS,

Version 1.32.0 (Beta)
VS Code API Version: 1.55.2

I have a multi-root workspace for python projects, all cloned from gitlab repo.
One of the project has a decoration indicating “contains emphasized items”; the other projects do not have this decoration, even though there are changes in the code.

In vscode, I’d see the root folder of all the projects and subfolders and files with changes in the source-control view panel.

But in theia, I don’t see any root folder of projects, only subfolders and files in the project with “contains emphasized items” decoration are listed in the source-control view panel.

Are there settings I need to add for other projects to be visible in the source control panel view?

I am new to the forum, and allowed to have only one embedded media content.
I have 4 project root folders in the workspace.
Here is the visible contents in the source control panel view. The root folder is not in the tree


@hasheng thank you for the discussion, if I understand correctly you are in a multi-root workspace but your scm is only showing the changes for one root (without that root actually being displayed)?

I beleive the framework only supports one root being displayed in the scm at a given time (issue: allow to see each scm provider as a view in scm view container · Issue #8291 · eclipse-theia/theia · GitHub)

If you meant something else do you mind showing a screenshot of the behavior from VS Code that you were expecting?