Stacked views support in a same view container at left or right side panels

Hi All,

I would like to know if there is a way to create stacked views in Theia. I have observed that VSCode does have capability to have stacked views where user can drag the view and drop it to left-top or left-bottom or right-top or right-bottom then the same view gets stacked with another view if its already there. With Theia, I am unable to do such operation and where I tried with existing views(i.e. Explorer, Output, ProblemView) and custom views.

So far I haven’t been able to find a similar kind of implementation in theia source code. Please let me know if anyone has pointers or references to achieve this.

Thanks a lot in advance!!
(P.S. I am new to Theia and trying to explore the features :slight_smile: )


Not sure what exact interaction you mean. This is one of the rare instances where a video might help.

Hi @mishal,

currently, creating a stack of views which aren’t stacks yet, like the search or git view, is not supported. You can drag and drop existing stacks, for example between the debug & explorer view.

Hi @msujew, thanks for reply!! I have created my custom views based on theia extension. In order to have a stacked these custom views in a same view container at left or right side, do I need to develop my custom views with VS code extension?

@mishal That shouldn’t be necessary. A Theia extension always provides a superset of all functionality available in vscode extensions, so adding it to a Theia extension should be doable as well.

What you essentially need is to wrap your widget inside of a container, similar to how it is done for the navigator for example.

Thanks @msujew for updating this. I will check the same.