Support for debuggers contribution in plugins


I saw that there is a plugin-debug-service in the plugins-ext. I tried to add a “debuggers” contribution with some configuration snippets, but it seems that this contribution is ignored. Is this supported?

[original thread by Ido Perez]

Hi, it is still work in the progress.

Could you provide the example? maybe there is some misconfiguration

[Ido Perez]

sure, i just took the example from VSCode documentation (and changed just the labels, descriptions and names)

“contributes”: {

"debuggers": [{

    "type": "node",

    "label": "My Debug",

    "program": "./out/node/nodeDebug.js",

    "runtime": "node",

    "languages": ["javascript", "typescript", "javascriptreact", "typescriptreact"],

    "configurationAttributes": {

        "launch": {

            "required": [ "program" ],

            "properties": {

                "program": {

                    "type": "string",

                    "description": "Test description."





    "initialConfigurations": [{

        "type": "node",

        "request": "launch",

        "name": "Launch My Program",

        "program": "${workspaceFolder}/app.js"


    "configurationSnippets": [


            "label": "Attach my configuration",

            "description": "test attach my config.",

            "body": {

                "type": "node",

                "request": "attach",

                "name": "${2:Attach to Port}",

                "port": 9229




    "variables": {

        "PickProcess": "extension.node-debug.pickNodeProcess"




thanks, can you point to VS Code docs from which you copied as well please

[Ido Perez]

[Anatoliy Bazko]

I will work once is merged

[Anatoliy Bazko]

Otherwise contribution is ignored if there is no corresponding configuration provider.

we need to check whether it is the same in VS Code

it feels that metadata and configuration providers are not coupled there, like in Theia

just tested, one can write and test snippets without providers makes sense?