Support multiple workspaces on different browsers/tabs for same user

How can I go about supporting multiple workspaces for the same user on different browsers/tabs on the same backend service ?

The current implementation mimics the following scenario:

  • Two Browsers (B1 and B2) have the same workspace open (W1).
  • Browser B2 loads up a new workspace W2.
  • Refreshing Browser B1 loads the workspace W2 instead of retaining workspace W1.

I would like the browser B1 to retain workspace W1 after refreshing it.

Is this already implemented or needs customization to incorporate this behavior ?

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@ameyalokre sorry for the late reply, sometimes issues fall under the cracks.
As far as I know the feature should already be supported, I confirmed it works for this use-case (which you can also confirm):

  • start the application, and open a workspace in a browser tab
  • from the application, perform open folder... - it should open a new tab with the new workspace
  • reloading either of the tabs will not replace their workspace

I believe if the url is preserved (which points to the workspace) the reloading of the tab should not replace the content with a different workspace.

Hello @vince-fugnitto, thanks for your reply.
Can access two different workspaces in two different tabs on theia’s browser example.