TaskProvider custom type

Is there support in Theia of TaskProvider with custom type, like rakeTaskProvider in vscode sample: https://github.com/microsoft/vscode-extension-samples/tree/master/task-provider-sample?

I’m trying to run this sample on Theia IDE and don’t see the tasks in ‘Run Task’ menu.

[original thread by rayakoren]

I believe there is support at the moment as other extensions properly register tasks (ex: ‘vscode-builtin-npm’). Were you able to successfully run the task-provider-sample in vscode?


Yes, in vscode I can see the tasks in the “Run Task” menu, while in Theia they don’t appear. Any thoughts why? What am I missing?

@rayakoren how did you add the extension to theia?


@vince-fugnitto I tried to deploy the vsix with “Deploy Plugin by Id” and also tried to clone the repo and run is as “Hosted Plugin: Run Instance”. Are there other ways? Maybe I’m not familiar…

put your vsix in a folder and add --plugin=local-dir:/path/to/the/directory on the command line when starting the back end.

There should be a message about your plugin being processed at startup.

(or you can just throw your vsix i the theia/plugins folder)


The plugin is uploaded, that’s not the problem. The problem is that I don’t see the tasks I suppose to in the “Tasks: Run Task” menu.