Terminal line editing key bindings

On thing that frustrates me when using the Theia is the apparent lack of terminal key bindings for moving and editing the command line. The bash (readline really) key bindings are automatic reflexes honed by many years using the terminal. Am I just missing it and need to turn them on or are there no terminal line editing key bindings at all? If not, why not? Not having them makes the terminal very difficult to use.

@mkg thank you for the discussion :+1:

Can you elaborate on which keybindings you were expecting when using bash as a shell?
Are these same keybindings available to you when using VS Code?


Thanks for responding Vince.

I don’t use VS Code so I can’t comment on the bindings. (I’ve been using Emacs for 30 years, which is why key bindings are a big deal… muscle memory.) I did do a pretty extensive search of the standard keys bindings I use with Emacs and the ones that cause me the most problem are:

  • C-f Move forward one character. (brings up find dialog)
  • C-k Kill the text from point to the end of the line. (does nothing)

I have a much bigger list of standard key bindings (and many are already supported) but because I’m a newbie here it won’t let me post because of all the links. (I was rather thorough in my investigations and documented things heavily with links.) I’ll try to send it when it lets me.

What would help me most is if there is a way that I can set those two key bindings for my config only. That will be enough to not throw me off when using the terminal in Theia.


I’ve been using Emacs for 30 years, which is why key bindings are a big deal…

@mkg given you are used to emacs, you might be interested in using the following emacs keymaps plugin which should use your favorite keybindings (you can install it directly from the extensions-view in the application).

For any keybindings you’d like to update manually to suit your needs you can update your keymaps.json through the keyboard shortcuts UI: