Terminal printing list of multiple environment variables when debugging starts

We adopting Theia and installed cdt-gdb-vscode extension to debug an application on PolarfireSoC.
We are able to step through code and debug as expected, however when executing the debug session, a really long list of multiple environment variables are printed on the terminal, package paths, and metadata about Theia IDE.

Is there a way to somehow configure the debug session to stop these printouts?
Thank you!

The below is our lauch.json file.

    "configurations": [{
        "program": "path/to/executable",
        "gdb": "path/to/gdb",
        "logFile": "path/to/logfile",
        "openGdbConsole": true,
        "initCommands": [
            "set mem inaccessible-by-default off",
            "set $target_riscv=1",
            "set architecture riscv:rv64"
        "preRunCommands": [
            "thread apply all set $pc=_start",
            "thread apply all set $mie=0",
            "thread apply all set $mip=0",
            "thread apply all set $mstatus=0"
        "imageAndSymbols": {
            "symbolFileName": "path/to/executable",
            "imageFileName": "path/to/executable"
        "target": {
            "host": "localhost",
            "port": "3333",
            "server": "path/to/openocd",
            "serverParameters": ["--command", "set DEVICE MPFS", "--file", "board/microchip-riscv.cfg", "--command", "set COREID 1"],
            "serverStartupDelay": 5000,
            "cwd": "${workspaceFolder}"

Hey @Santi,

does the same happen when running the extensions in vscode? You might want to ask the people over at the cdt-gdb-adapter extension how to disable that behavior.

Hi @msujew ,
Thanks for the recommendation, the question is now answered here