Testing for Theia in VS Code Extensions?

Hello everyone.
I am looking for a reliable way for a VS Code extension to test if it is running inside Theia or VS Code. In the past, I remember a recommendation we found in the issues was to test for env.appName, which we did.

However, testing with CRW 2.3 we just stumbled over this PR: https://github.com/eclipse-theia/theia/pull/7642 that now makes this value customizable and changed the default breaking our test.

Is there another reliable way for extension code to test this?

Thanks and best regards,

there should be process.env.THEIA_ENTRY_POINT: https://github.com/eclipse-theia/theia/blob/6e1b95521a1673042a7222fa7a2b5a2ed74e19ee/packages/core/src/node/messaging/ipc-protocol.ts#L63 it is internals though and can be changed