The debug session type 'cppgdb' is not supported

I want to debug gdb, so I install eclipse-cdt.cdt-gdb-vscode-0.0.99.vsix, but when I debug my cpp code . its says that the debug session type ‘cppgdb’ is not supported
I look at theia debug source code. it look like the eclipse-cdt.cdt-gdb not register into theia, but I indeed install it from visx success. who knows why?

Hey @wss,

the cppgdb debug type is contributed by the ms-vscode.cpptools extension, which uses a proprietary license and cannot be used in Theia based applications.

The eclipse-cdt.cdt-gdb-vscode extension contributes the gdb debug type to the application. You’ll need to use that.

I use install from visx to install cdt-gdb-vscode, but when I restart my computer and run my application I get error
what is the problem

It might be that your computer cleared out some tmp files, removing the MemoryServer.js file. We have an open issue for issues related to the vscode-unpacked folder.