Theia 0.7.0 release this Thursday


Heads-up: we plan to release 0.7.0 this Thursday May 30th, afternoon Montreal time. So there is still time to merge patches that you’d like to be part of this release.

Note: Since the Electron/libffmpeg saga is not yet completely resolved, doing our first release as part of the Eclipse Foundation is pushed back to next month.

[original thread by Marc Dumais]

[dhananjay harel]

what changes we should expect in this version ?

Hi @dhananjayharel . You can have a look at the latest entries in our CHANGELOG file:

SCM PR was merged and it broke UI/UX of the git extension. We are trying to fix it today/tomorrow. If it is not possible we will revert it on Wednesday morning in order to avoid releasing it.

please avoid mering PRs with big refactorings this week, let’s do it after release

cc @yevhen regarding the plugin system

fixes for SCM were merged, it should be fine to release tomorrow

CHANGELOG for 0.7.0 will be updated after the release

So it looks like there is no blocker and we can release 0.7.0 later today. I plan to go ahead in ~8 hours, so still time to finalize and merge wanted PRs that you think are unlikely to cause problems.

I am starting the pre-release checks. If everything looks good, I’ll release in the next little while. Please hold-off merging in the meantime.

ok, all done. Thanks to all who contributed to this release!