Theia 1.38.0 localization

Hi team,

We are migrating from theia 1.19.0 to theia 1.38.0. We have our own localization and have it setup up and running for theia 1.19.0 by following the instructions from here. It works fine with theia 1.19.0 and until version 1.27.0, we don’t see any issues.

For theia 1.38.0, we extracted the new language localization key pairs recently. But, however, the localization is not working and we don’t see the strings getting translated for language switch.

I checked the and I don’t see any breaking changes introduced between 1.27.0 and 1.38.0 surrounding localization. Is there any breaking change introduced after 1.27.0? Can someone please help on this?


@chid.crushev I’m not aware of any breaking changes to the i18n system either. I believe 1.38.0 includes some changes for the new i18n for vscode, but nothing should’ve been breaking in there.

Do you get any errors in the frontend dev-console or the backend console when starting or loading the language?


I am not seeing any errors in the front end or back end console. Also, I am seeing the back end is sending the correct language files to front end from the network tab of the browser.

@msujew ,

The localizations work fine until 1.27.0. It couldn’t work with even 1.28.0. I see from 1.27.0 to 1.28.0, you’ve brought some changes surrounding the localization area. Please refer this commit - Unload language pack correctly by msujew · Pull Request #11338 · eclipse-theia/theia · GitHub

Do you think this could have impacted the localizations?


Might have, only in case you’re creating a localization for a language that has no corresponding vscode language pack available. In that case you’ll need to call registerLocalizationFromRequire with an object that has looks something like this { languageId, languagePack: true }.