Theia based browser app package and deploy

I checked the Theia documentation and it does not specify how to package and deploy a browser app built with Theia. According to the theia/cli build command, the generated package is scattered. To deploy it to a server, almost all files (except the source code) need to be copied over, and I must execute yarn start to run it.

I’m wondering if there is a way to package it as a single-page application (SPA) , and deploy it to a web server.

@qianyiliushang That’s because the way the browser application can be packaged and deployed depends on the use case of the adopter. For Theia Blueprint we simply use docker. It is then deployed via theia-cloud to

I see. But our IT infrastructure current not surpport theia-cloud.
So is there a so called ‘Best Practise’ for brower app ?

@qianyiliushang The best practice (and virtually only recommended practice) is to isolate user workspaces using some sort of Kubernetes-like solution. I.e. every new user gets their own dedicated Theia server instance with a workspace. That way, users are isolated from each other and don’t risk leaking any data to other users.

@msujew My use case maybe kind of weird, anyway, thanks for your reply.