Theia basic info

I’m currently using Eclipse STS to develop my applications.
Is the Theia new tool to replace Eclipse STS or Netbeans or IntelliJ?
What does it mean “Theia products”?
I’ve been reading about Theia but all text is written to sell the product, not to explain what is it all about.

cc @JonasHelming perhaps you’d like to answer this question?


the primary focus of Theia is to be a platform to build custom tools, e.g. such as Eclipse STS or Eclipse CDT. Eclipse STS is actually not provided by the same team that build the Eclipse platform, but has been built on top of it.
Additionally, Theia provides a vanilla product called Theia Blueprint. To my knowledge, the next generation of Spring Tool support is delivered as a VS Code extension. If this is correct, you could just download Theia Blueprint (Theia - Cloud and Desktop IDE Platform) and install the extension.
To clarify this, I have opened an issue at the Spring Tools project you might want to subscribe to: Use Theia Blueprint in the documentation? · Issue #1073 · spring-projects/sts4 · GitHub

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Thank you very much!