Theia integration into an existing web-based UI

We have a Web-based product that has (among many other features and capabilities), a “dumb” editor page that is basically an entry field where the user can type in a language statement (SQL in our case) and then click a button to attempt to run it. I also have a LSP language server for our flavor of SQL that I have been running in VSCode. I would like to replace the “dumb” editor page with a “smart” editor that makes use of our LSP language server.

Theia has all kinds of benefits, but is Theia a good fit for this scenario? Or would it be better to work with Monaco directly?

If you need only editor. I would go with Monaco and monaco-languageclient. Be aware that Theia community does not maintain monaco-languageclient anymore.

@akosyakov Ok, thanks for the information.