Theia multi user setup (saml?)

I am planning to put together an analytics service with a coworker on a server with docker. We’ll be providing 1) jupyterlab; 2) postgres; 3) metabase; 4) Theia. We do part of this at work already but w/o Theia (yet).

I was wondering if there is any documentation on multiple user setups with Theia? We would like to open this service to external users and are wondering how authorization and authentication would look like in Theia.

[original thread by Alessio Civitillo]

You can check discussion here:

For multiple users supports see:

In summary, Theia is not multi-tenant, you have to resolve multi user access on system level via containers or OS user rights. Authentication is out of scope of Theia. It is up to an end product to decide: you can build a basic authentication via the custom extension or can use external service for it.

But please look through discussions different use cases are considered there as well as some good articles are referenced.

[anil chalil]

maybe eclipse che version 7 can meet your requirements.